FAQ’s - Provost’s Hybrid Pilot Program

What is the definition of “hybrid” at FIU?

In keeping with the State of Florida Board of Governors’ definition of hybrid, hybrid at FIU is defined as a course that has 50% of instruction conducted out-of-class/online and the other 50% of instruction conducted in-class. To maximize classroom space and utilization, hybrid courses must be scheduled once per week with a 50% reduction of in-class time (3 credit courses meet once per week for 75 minutes).

What is the Provost’s Hybrid Pilot Program?

In an effort to promote student learning and better utilization of classrooms, FIU’s BeyondPossible2020 aims to offer 30% of all credit hours at the University in a Hybrid Format. The Provost’s Hybrid Pilot Program was thus developed to support faculty with hybrid design and pedagogy. Faculty participate in an extensive professional development program, spearheaded by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Online & Hybrid Teaching & Learning; are assigned an Instructional Designer from FIU Online; earn a one-time stipend of $1500 for their efforts; and receive the designation “Certified Hybrid Instructor.”

What is the difference between a Certified Hybrid Course and other Hybrid Courses?

We recognize that many FIU faculty have been teaching hybrid courses for years. The “certification” is meant to identify participation in the Provost’s Pilot Program, as only Certified Hybrid Courses are assigned an Instructional Designer, and as this is the only way we can currently verify that the course meets the State of Florida Board of Governors’ definition. At this point, Certified Hybrid Courses can only be taught by Certified Hybrid Instructors (those who have completed the Provost’s Pilot Program).

How should Chairs, Departments, and Colleges determine which faculty should participate in the Provost’s Hybrid Pilot?

Because the design of hybrid curricular materials and instructional design is particularly important to the success of the class, we will work with Chairs, Departments, and Colleges to identify courses that lend themselves to the hybrid structure as well as faculty who may be well-suited to teaching in this format. Additionally, a call for participation is sent to all FIU faculty several times per year. Faculty apply online at hybrid.fiu.edu. After the application deadline, Chairs receive an email from hybrid@fiu.edu with a list of their faculty who applied. Since the strategic plan goal is based on student credit hours, it is important to consider which courses may have more impact, such as those with high enrollment and those that run every semester (vs. low-enrollment electives, for instance). Please also take into account the current unit schedule, noting that many faculty who apply will already be scheduled to teach a full load. Moving forward, we hope you’ll begin to think about which individual courses lend themselves to hybrid, and then encourage the faculty who teach those courses to apply to the program.

Who schedules Certified Hybrid Courses?

The department/unit schedulers are responsible for scheduling Certified Hybrid Courses. Once faculty have been approved by the Chair to participate in the Provost’s Hybrid Pilot Program, have been accepted, and have confirmed their acceptance, all chairs will receive a final notice of faculty from their unit who will be participating in the pilot so that the department scheduler may make adjustments to the course schedule and, if necessary, the schedule of the faculty.

How do I know what the meeting pattern and scheduling criteria is for Certified Hybrid Courses?

We have been working with the unit schedulers to clarify which courses can be scheduled as Certified Hybrid. Scheduling parameter details can be found at hybrid.fiu.edu. Additional scheduling questions can be answered by your Program Manager at FIU Online.

If I schedule a faculty for a certified hybrid course, does it count as overload?

No, hybrid courses scheduled as part of the Provost’s Hybrid Pilot are considered to be in-load. They should not be added as overload courses for faculty. This is important to keep in mind when approving faculty for the Provost’s Hybrid Pilot, as their schedules may need to be adjusted accordingly.

How do I know who is a Certified Hybrid Instructor?

We have a list of all Certified Hybrid Instructors that can be provided to you. You can view a list of Certified Hybrid Instructors or email hybrid@fiu.edu and we will send you the link to access it.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any additional questions regarding the Provost’s Hybrid Pilot, please email hybrid@fiu.edu.